Sydny’s path to producing has been a convoluted but beautiful journey starting in the Mojave Desert. Shortly after his 11th birthday, an 8mm toy soldier war pic involving firecracker explosions and Revell model Sherman tanks was his first foray into film. Thus began his interest in production. Growing up in a desert, professional art productions were a rarity. His escapes were movies (theatres and yes, drive-ins) and trips to LA art shows.  “Legend of Billy Jack,” “Exorcist,” “CATS,” and “The Godfathers” were pivotal influencers and led him to pursue a BA degree in Directing/Acting in Theatre from San Diego State University, where his passion for the art of storytelling was ignited. After college, he spent a few years on the stage before pursuing commercial production in Seattle. Those years production-managing national commercials and independent films galvanized his love of producing. “Shoah,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Kids,” and “Tres Colores” precipitated his move to NYC.  He has produced short films, documentaries, corporate videos, and commercials.  It was the passing of his mother to Alzheimer’s that drew him to “The Riverside Bench.”